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Business owners come to us for immediate & seamless financing solutions.

If you received a loan from us, send us a review so we can share your success with others.


Boston, MA

Approved Loans:  $2,800,000

Wearable Tech Company

We looked at several lenders before being referred to Quiq. Once engaged, the process was clearly defined and highly efficient, and most important to us - flexible to our company's unique situation. It was refreshing to work with professionals that truly care about a positive outcome for their clients and are good for their word.  The Quiq team is intelligent, transparent, knowledgeable, and indeed, quick

Working on Laptop

Cambridge, MA

Approved Loans:  $2,100,000

Ed-Tech Company

We are at a critical inflection point in our business with a major financing transaction pending. Quiq Capital was able to rapidly assess our situation, propose a suitable financing solution, and work with us to meet an expedited timeline so that we could secure a bridge loan ahead of a significant investment. While thorough, the Quiq team was able to adapt their process to our business needs.

ATM keypad

Dallas, Texas

Approved Loans:  $1,600,000

ATM Company

The Quiq team was terrific. They did what they said they would do on the timeline they promised. We will definitely continue to use them as we continue to build out our network.

Documents and Blurred Business Men

New York, NY

Approved Loans:  >$2,000,000

Venture Partner

I am a venture investor and the lead investor for an early stage company that needed financing for growth. The Quiq Capital team was very thorough in their due diligence but also very accommodating in terms of the company’s needs. They diligenced and then executed a deal in record time, all at reasonable rates and with minimal friction and without dilution. I am eagerly working with Quiq on many more situations, and would strongly recommend talking to Quiq about any financing needs if you are a growth investor or founder.

Granite surfaces

Boston, Massachusetts

Approved Loans:  $940,000


Supply shortages during the pandemic caused issues with sales and capital expenses. Quiq offered the critical working capital needed to bridge the gap and keep growing. Five star experience!

Image by Guilherme  Cunha

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

Approved Loans:  $680,000

Construction & Cleaning

Quiq has been a fantastic partner as we scale operations across the east coast. This is my second loan and I intend to use them more in the future.

Image by Macarena Moraga

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Approved Loans:  $120,000

Italian Restaurant

Thank you to the Quiq team for providing us with the extra capital needed to improve our dining room and kitchen supplies.

Image by Ivan Bandura

New Jersey

Approved Loans:  $2,000,000

Real Estate Developer

Banks have become very difficult to work with over the years. The processes and underwriting we experienced with Quiq was reasonable and professional. We will be using them in the future. 

Image by Scott Warman

Long Island, New York

Approved Loans:  $100,000

Grocery Store

Brilliant team and professional service. We will be using Quiq for all non-bank lending in the future. 

Image by Shane McLendon

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Approved Loans:  $400,000

Construction Company

We received a large increase in projects all at once. The influx of demand required more workers and working capital. Thanks to Quiq we did not have to turn away any of our new paying customers. 

Image by Louis Hansel

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Approved Loans:  $120,000


We were unable to get bank financing to expand our dining room to increase daily revenue. Quiq understood our need and helped at a time when others wouldn't. We can't thank them enough.

Image by Patryk Sikora

Newark, New Jersey

Approved Loans:  $640,000

Parking Garage

Bank regulations make it near impossible for us to access capital for our growing portfolio of parking lots and garages. Quiq Capital took the time to understand our business and provided the capital needed to purchase a new location. Finally, a lender that understands. Highly recommended.  

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